Killing Ground Written Review

Title Killing Ground
Year 2016
Distributor IFC Midnight
Availability Streaming: Amazon $6.99 | Google Play $6.99 – DVD & Bluray Released 11/07
Director Damien Power
Actors Harriet Dyer, Aaron Glenane, Stephen Hunter
Review Who knew that a camping trip could go so wrong, right, lol, maybe several umpteen times! Killing Ground is an Australian movie that gives us yet another reason to not go camping, ever.

A couple goes camping to some deserted woods. Everything seems to go fine, until two things happen: they realize they have a flat tire, and they find some random baby alone and dehydrated. What happens next only gets worse.

This film is a little confusing, since it moves between the past and the present, many, many times. It’s also a bit -or very- slow at times. It still manages to be scary; especially if you’re a girl and/or if seeing babies in danger makes you cringe. The ending was somewhat disappointing and it failed to tie some loose ends.

The acting in this movie was solid all around, especially by Harriet Dyer (Sam). The actors manage to pull you into the story, but there are a few plot holes that, in turn, pull you out. The kills were not as effective as they could’ve been, but they’re OK and look realistic. The film succeeds in making you feel how isolated the characters are, and the danger they are in as a result.

Killing Ground deserves a watch. It’s far from being a great movie, but it accomplishes its purpose.



Lady Phantom
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2017-09-14: E60 – Besetment

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BillChete & Lady Phantom rave about a brand new release on DVD, a low budget independent film at that titled Besetment. Starring a nice cast including three 70 year olds that knock it out of the park. Besetment is available right now on VOD and DVD through Amazon for $12.99 and comes with a high recommendation from the staff here at HORROR On The Go. Big props go out to writer/director Brad Douglas for making a damn fine flick with a throwback feel and an incredible soundtrack score throughout. Listen right now to here all the glorious details.

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Video 052: Besetment Horror Movie Review

HORROR On The Go reviews, rates and is utterly impressed with the low budget indie BESETMENT!

BillChete & Lady Phantom analyze in detail without giving spoilers the new DVD release of Besetment starring Abby Wathen, Marlyn Mason and our personal favorite the 79 year old Douglas Rowe. Written and directed by Brad Douglas the HORROR On The Go crew found another obscure gem that will almost undoubtedly being making both of our Top Ten Lists at year end. Watch now to get the scoop on Besetment!

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Video 051: Cucumbers In Vinegar Recipe

HORROR On The Go has BillChete once again taking over for the wife in the latest episode of Cooking With Phantom.

BillChete prepares a staple in the family going back over 40 years with cucumbers in vinegar with spices. In this real time episode Bill shows the recipe from start to finish with Lady Phantom coming in for the taste test. Follow the ingredients to the tee for scrumptious cukes that even non-cucumber lovers will enjoy!

1 whole cucumber
1/2 cup vinegar (choose one to your liking)
1/2 cup fresh water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon sugar

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