2015-01-06: Top 10 Horror Movies Of 2014

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Top 10 Horror Movies Of 2014 Countdown Show
It’s that time again for the “Best Of The Best” the horror genre had to offer last year! This is the 9th consecutive year BillChete has published his favorites in horror on the Internet via Audio!

This was a wacky year that started off slow, but suffice it to say, it finished as one of the strongest years with unique tales with varying quirkiness that made BillChete very pleased.

This show entails the Top 10 Horror Movies Of 2014 with plot points and notes, spots 11-15 with brief summaries, and #16, the best found footage film of the year.

The 2014 Top 10’s will not be published written wise on the website until February, with the norm…cover art, ratings and buy links. This is so you tune into the HORROR On The Go Audio Broadcast to feel the full excitement that the horror industry had to offer in 2014!

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