13 Demons Written Review

Title 13 Demons
Year 2016
Distributor Sector 5 Films
Availability (Pre-Order 07-04) Amazon HD Stream $12.99 | (Pre-Order 10/03) Amazon DVD $9.99
Director Daniel Falicki
Actors Michael Cunningham, Jackson Ezinga, Stephen Grey
Review Three friends play a game of “13 Daemons,” which is a board game that has been banned for over 30 years. If you want to know why, then you’ll have to watch.

“13 Demons” reminded me of Jumanji a bit. The big difference is that in Jumanji, everything really happens, while on 13 Demons, the friends only imagine it happens. The goal of this role playing game is to reach the demons’ dwellings and slay them. The catch? They are really killing innocent people.

The three friends in this movie are portraying game geeks with movie posters abound their room (personally liked the Planet Of The Apes one), plus, video and table games. They are played by Michael Cunningham (Abelsworth, Lord of the High Wind), Daniel Falicki (Thomas of Belmont) and Stephen Grey (Torkul of Darkhaven). Personally, I think the performances were strong, especially Stephen Grey, who could play a Game of Thrones character credibly. The exception is Cunningham, who overacts a tad.

The scenes with the detectives are entertaining, but a little painful to watch at times. Although the movie is short (less than 80 minutes), it felt long. The idea was actually interesting, but the demon scenes had some special effects that made them hard to watch. I know it was probably the idea, but they became boring. It could have had some good gory scenes, but it didn’t.

In conclusion, this movie feels more like a failed fantasy movie than a horror one. It was a nice try, but it fell short.



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