Classic Casino Video Keno Has Arrived – Try KENO CASINO Now

Just appearing on ALL App Stores is the standard, traditional, easy-to-play Video Keno called KENO CASINO!

It works similarly like a lottery; place a bet, mark 2-10 numbers and hope the machine picks some, or all, of your numbers chosen from the 20 randomly selected ones. If you hit a certain amount of numbers then you win. The more numbers you hit the more credits you get! One of the easiest machines to play at the Casino, now you can master your skill at home!

Keno Casino is a pay once application. For only $1.99 you get the full game and all updates that come down the pike for free. There are ZERO bothersome ads or crazy endless in-app purchases.


More information about the game is here or on the App Store of your device.

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Key Casino Games Now Available On The Mac App Store

We are pleased to let you know that we are now developing for the Mac App Store!

Macintosh is a beloved platform all over the globe and we have started to release our most famous Casino Video Apps for the Mac Desktop and Laptop users!

Many Apps are available right now on the Mac Store for $1.99 respectively. Remember all our apps include unlimited play with unlimited credits. No bothersome ads or never ending in-app purchases!

We currently offer 18 apps on Android (Google Play), Amazon Kindles, Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. We are diligently working on getting all of our Apps on the Macintosh platform. Please be patient as the conversion process takes some time. But we are pleased to offer the 4 powerhouse games in our arsenal right up front!

Just keep an eye on the Mobile Apps Page as each individual game page will be updated when released on the Mac Store. As always, you can perform searches on the App Store itself.

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New Arcade Game App Released – ALIEN INVASION BREAKOUT

Just hitting the App Stores globally is ALIEN INVASION BREAKOUT! Get ready for an extreme Breakout/Arkanoid challenge in outer space!

Your mission; destroy all of the plentiful bricks on each of the 50 levels and reclaim peace within the galaxy from the demented alien race. As you venture further along, the levels get much harder. Aliens are determined at stopping you sending more UFO’s your way.

Tons of powerups and bonuses to help you with awesome SciFi music/sound effects, and much, much more.

Download/Purchase Alien Invasion Breakout right here on HORROR On The Go or the Marketplace on your device!

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New Arkanoid Game App Released Called LASER BALL BREAKOUT

New Game for mobile platforms released called Laser Ball Breakout, which is an arcade game with a classic nostalgia feel paying homage to Arkanoid and Breakout coin-op games long since forgotten.

Laser Ball Breakout features 50 colorful levels, over 15 bricks, over 10 gliding bonuses with galactic Science Fiction soundtracks!

You control a UFO Paddle armed with the possibility of achieving deadly Laser Rays and must keep the fiery space balls floating in space or you will encounter your demise. The object is the remove all of the brick formations on each of the 50 levels. As each level gets progressively harder, airplanes will drop bombs at you trying to stop your brick demolition.

Break the right bricks and receive many falling bonuses which can give you a distinct advantage, like; Lasers, Grow, Warp, Barriers, MultiBall and Point Multipliers, but wait…just as there are good powerups, some dropping gizmos can have a negative effect! There are other cool features too, like; 3 Skill Levels, Free Life possibilities and a High Score Tracker. All this with freshly colorful graphics and excellent sound effects.

As standard at HORROR On The Go, our games, including Laser Ball Breakout, has some cool horror brick images, and, as always, some creepy music tracks!

Tons of other neat features, check them out at our Laser Ball Breakout Page! From there you will also find the very cheap purchase links of only .99¢ and the devices the App runs on.

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