Video 061: Mozzarella Sticks Recipe

HORROR On The Go presents its eighth installment of Cooking With Phantom.

Lady Phantom prepares and cooks scrumptious Mozzarella Sticks that are cheesy goodness for your mouth. Follow along with the Phantom as she makes 16 amazingly tasteful sticks that rival any restaurant out there. Plus she lays down the exact way to make them as to provide the most stringy and tasty sticks following her recipe to the tee for the perfect blend of succulent mozzarella sticks!

8 oz mozzarella bar
3 eggs
1 cup Italian style bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon paprika
2 cups vegetable oil

Dipping Sauce:
1/4 cup Marinara Sauce

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Video 060: Room 104 HBO Series Review

HORROR On The Go describes what the Room 104 HBO Series is about in general, the main concept and where they progressed over 12 episodes during the first season.

BillChete & Lady Phantom discuss briefly the story of each of the first 9 episodes in this new HBO Horror Series with thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs middle rating! The Duplass Brothers have received an extension to this series and there will be at least one more season coming. Watch the critics as they let you know if this 30 minute TV show essentially is worth your time.

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Halloween Horror Short Airing – ROOT OF ALL EVIL

There’s a chill in the air. Leaves are starting to fall. Ghoulish decorations line the streets. Pumpkin spice lattes, monster cereals, autumnal beers, and other seasonal treats are out in full force. There’s no question about it: Halloween is near. This is the best way to kick it off the season with a short scary horror film that captures Halloween’s frightfully fun atmosphere.

ROOT OF ALL EVIL airs on YouTube and right here on HORROR On The Go!

A Halloween party turns deadly for a group of friends who disrespect an ancient tradition.

The short was created for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project, in which participants are given 48 hours to conceive, produce, and hand in a completed short film based on specified requirements. It went on to win Best Film in the competition, along with five other awards: Best Ensemble Cast, Best Costumes, Best Use of Prop, Best Special Effects, and Most Lifelike Severed Body Part.

Root of All Evil is the latest effort written, directed, and scored by Alex DiVincenzo (The Horrors of AutoCorrect, Trouser Snake), who was tasked with creating a short in the “nature horror” genre. Jaquelyn Fabian, Topher Hansson, Jordan Pacheco, Anacaren Delgado, Acei Martin, Allie Marshall, and Jamie Dufault star.

The project is dedicated to Dustin “DuddyInMotion” Pace, an artist and active member of the horror community who passed away earlier this year. He created the poster for Root of All Evil, as he had done for several of DiVincenzo’s other projects.

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