Egyptian Cotton Horror Hand Towels

HORROR On The Go is proud to review quality horror towels for you from the awesome site Nerdoh, an original movie merchandise outlet!

These Egyptian cotton towels are the best you can possibly buy boasting 800 TC (thread count) for maximum softness and absorbency. They are sturdy, and even before washing them for the first time, they do a great job. The embroidering is of excellent quality, and it doesn’t have any rough edges. These towels even have a hanging loop, which is extremely practical for a hand towel.

On the site they are described as hand towels, but we find they can have other uses due to their size, like drying hair or even as a bath towel if you fail to have a bigger one at hand. The exact size is 19.6″ x 35.4″ (50cm x 90cm).

The cost is a mere $21.90 (£17.00) which is a decent price for this high end type of horror memorabilia towel. Nerdoh even provides free shipping in the UK.

All in all, these are excellent quality towels. If you visit the site, you’ll see they have many other products, which we are sure are just as good. And not only clothing or bath, but also mugs, hats, and others. You will undoubtedly find a product that caters to your fandom. There are many to choose from. And for horror fans there selection includes, but not limited too; Halloween, Bates Motel, The Thing, American Werewolf In London, Alien, Resident Evil and many others.

Two big thumbs up from BillChete and Lady Phantom for Nerdoh representing top tiered horror merch!!


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Phantom’s INK Posts 4 New Healed Tattoos

HORROR On The Go is pleased to share 4 new tats that the Phantom has completed all in a before & after healed state!

Click on the links below to be taken to the hd pics. Check back often as more pictures are soon to be added!

Custom Tats (Link)

Flash Tats (Link)

Horror Tats (Link)

Lettering Tats (Link)

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NEW Tattoo Section PHANTOM’S INK

We are stoked to present to the horror audience and everyone in the world who loves the artistry of tattoos Phantom’s INK.

As we all know, horror fans love to sport tattoos, it’s almost a lifestyle and goes hand-and-hand.

This new section will be updated as time goes by with Lady Phantom’s incredible talent. So keep a keen eye on the Tattoo Section that is broken down in 4 main categories for quicker searching.

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HORROR On The Go 2.0 Audio Broadcast Podcast Now Listed Globally

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We are proud to be listed on all of the major podcast clients! Don’t miss a single episode, be notified immediately of new shows today, get us on your favorite app of choice!

Where you can subscribe:

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To make it clear of our new, updated show our website color theme has changed from orange to blue, the Phantoms favorite color!

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