Circus Kane Written Review – Releasing On VOD Tomorrow

Title Circus Kane
Year 2017
Distributor DeInstitutionalized
Availability VOD Everywhere
Director Christopher Ray
Actors Jonathan Lipnicki, Tim Abell, Nicole Arianna Fox
Review Welcome to Circus Kane, where you get in, but you most probably won’t get out.

A good description for this movie would be “Willy Wonka meets some freaky clowns” in a non-horror sense or more to the tune of “House On Haunted Hill” and “Rob Zombie’s 31” where you must stay in a some sort of house and last the night to earn money. To this flick Balthazar Kane (Tim Abell) sends a group of people a golden invitation to his “circus.” These people are all somehow related to horror and social media. They are told that whoever survives is going to win $250,000.00; they meet at a certain place and they’re taken to Kane’s property under masked guard and drugged along the way. That’s when the fun begins.

This movie showed a lot of promise at first. The music was appealing and an old times feel at the beginning was effective. The acting was good, if not very credible at some points. The clown’s makeup was good, and the Phantom found it scary. One of the clowns was reminiscent of the one in AHS- Freakshow. Some of the special effects and props were great (a severed head and its subsequent manhandling, for example). The Phantom also thinks the makers of this movie are Batman fans; there were Batman references scattered throughout the movie. There’s also a nice twist at the end with a callback to the beginning of the movie.

Unfortunately, the film also has negative aspects. One of the group members was fake and overacted. Many of the practical effects were ineffective; someone should’ve told the filmmakers what blood looks like and how it works in general. In scenes where you can see buckets of blood, it clearly looks like red watered-down syrup. There’s a scene when someone dies by barbed wire; it looked incredibly stupid. None of the deaths made us jump, so they all failed, not that they didn’t try. They just didn’t work. And Kane’s old-age burned look was just a mask not done very well with makeup to hide the fact.

All in all, it’s a fun movie, and it’s worth watching. If you’re afraid of clowns, you might find it more scary, but not that much. In concluding…it was pleasing seeing Richard Mull (Night Court) acting the part of a creepy dude! Give it a viewing it won’t waste your time.



Lady Phantom
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