2017-09-01: E59 – Mirrors Redux With Further Analyzation

Show Notes:
– Topic: (2008) Mirrors Re-Analyzation From Planet Macabre Episode 004

Doctor Shock, GregaMortis and HellHunter are back…..actually that’s a negative…but BillChete & Lady Phantom revisit Mirrors starring Kiefer Sutherlund that aired way back in January 2011 on the Planet Macabre podcast. The couple just purchased the Unrated DVD and each host predicted they rated the film lower than it should of been on the initial viewing. NOTE! This is the first time Bill ever changed a movie rating so it is a monumental episode where the original audio is played while the duo scrutinize there own selves! Tune in now to here the fun journey.

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DVD Infatuation Horror Category

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Dave Becker well known in the horror sphere as Dr. Shock debuted his audio talents on Planet Macabre back in 2010. At that time, the good Doc was well into the horror world writing detailed reviews on his movie challenge website “DVD Infatuation” where he watches and reviews one movie every day until he hits the monster total of 2,500.

Dr. Shock is a premier critic among the horror folk and is distinguished at analyzing all brands of films, but his primary passion will always be in the horror field (although he might not admit that publicly).

The DVD Infatuation Horror Category is a prime spot for reading written reviews from the 20’s all the way up to the current crop of horror films.

NOTE: This is a new feature of HORROR On The Go where fresh website links will be added so our visitors will have the opportunity to check out other cool horror websites. Enjoy!

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