Jigsaw Written Review

Title Jigsaw (Saw 8)
Year 2017
Distributor Lionsgate
Availability In Theaters | On Bluray, DVD and VOD (Jan 2018 est.)
Director Spierig Brothers
Actors Tobin Bell, Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie
Review The much anticipated Jigsaw is here. Did it live up to the expectations?

We were cautious about this, to say the least. The Phantom especially, this being her favorite horror franchise. The previous seven films made so much sense together, that it was quite bold to add an eighth one. Especially since the only cast member to reprise his role is Tobin Bell, as Jigsaw himself. However, we were pleasantly surprised.

Does Jigsaw equal its predecessors in every sense? Not necessarily. The deathtraps are not especially inventive, but they don’t disappoint either. It’s not super gory, but it has some very decent kills. Does it feel like part of a whole? Absolutely (Phantom — not necessarily for BillChete it’s a stretch). They developed the story to fit the universe, even if there were some things that don’t quite click. We really wish they had brought more old cast members back, though, so certain parts would’ve made more sense. The end, we’re happy to report, took us completely by surprise, which is saying a lot. You definitely have to pay attention while watching, and even then they’ll probably fool you.

The acting in this movie is good, as usual, with only one mild exception. Even then, it’s not bad, just a bit overacted (we’ve seen reviews saying that there’s bad acting in this movie. They have obviously not seen bad acting). The feel of the movie is dark and completely Saw-esque. Of course, the pig mask makes an apparition, as does Billy the puppet, with some glowing eyes that we weren’t crazy about. Billy is just fine with his regular eyes, thank you very much. The Saw music is there too, even though it’s not as prevalent as in the previous ones. That is definitely a negative.

Should you watch Jigsaw and add it to your collection? We think you should. It’s a very decent addition to the family. As for the possibility of further development of the franchise, we think they should stop. If they choose to go on, however, they’d better bring back past members and have super brilliant ideas, because they could spoil one of the few franchises that feel like one cohesive story.



Lady Phantom
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Video 060: Room 104 HBO Series Review

HORROR On The Go describes what the Room 104 HBO Series is about in general, the main concept and where they progressed over 12 episodes during the first season.

BillChete & Lady Phantom discuss briefly the story of each of the first 9 episodes in this new HBO Horror Series with thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs middle rating! The Duplass Brothers have received an extension to this series and there will be at least one more season coming. Watch the critics as they let you know if this 30 minute TV show essentially is worth your time.

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2017-11-03: E64 – Leatherface Review With Boss Butcher

Show Notes:
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BillChete & Lady Phantom are joined by Boss Butcher in this audio episode only edition to the rating, review and recommendation on the latest incarnation in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise dubbed “Leatherface.” You will not want to miss this one as you may second guess yourself in renting or buying this with your hard earned money after listening to this explicit show!

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The Scopia Effect Written Review

Title The Scopia Effect
Year 2014
Distributor Flynn Entertainment
Availability VOD Everywhere | DVD At Amazon
Director Christopher Butler
Actors Joanna Ignaczewska, Edward Stanton, Akira Koieyama
Review Lets start by saying this is a newly released indie (Oct. 3, 2017) that was in post production and distribution hell for 3 years. Tragic as that is it is all too common but the filmmakers of this film didn’t bow down and release it themselves almost guaranteeing no return on investment, so for that props for the patience and re-cuts to get a decent release.

The Scopia Effect is a complex movie. It could be said a secondary title could be “If you are thinking about hypnotism, don’t.” However, that would be doing it an injustice. It’s not as simple as that. At first it felt dis-articulated, but give it some time. It’s not. If you want to understand the film a bit better, pay close attention to the definition and explanation given at the start of the movie.

In a few words, this is the story of Basia, a girl who undergoes hypnotism to help herself heal from her depression by liberating memories of her mother. However, the procedure does much more than that. It liberates memories from long, long before. Her life becomes a living nightmare in which nothing and everything seems real.

This film is one of those that you may start by saying “what is this I’m watching?,” but it takes shape little by little. There are constant flashbacks, but the timelines don’t get confused due to an impeccable set design. The story moves around different times and countries, and in each one, it feels real. Make-up, sets, and cinematography are all outstanding- they made excellent use of the budget, which at an estimated £1,300,000, was not gigantic. It has good sound and music, and the acting is on point. The special effects are also fantastic, and the gore is just right. Unfortunately, the ending was confusing and jumped the shark. We feel it would’ve served a better purpose if the “reincarnation” angles stuck and it wasn’t more complex than that. However, the effect the movie has is still good.

As we said at the beginning, this is a complex movie. It’s not easy; you have to pay attention and give it a little thought. But it’s worth it. It’s definitely not a typical horror movie, but it’s scary at a deep, intimate level.



Lady Phantom
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