Custom Tats

Custom tattoos are ones I designed, hand-drawn by myself, then continued to tattoo with my own flare.

NOTE: Click on images to enlarge

Do you recognize this? You are right! This is our very own logo tattoed on our knees. This was a very interesting experience indeed. They were done on the same day. Another challenging tattoo in general, especially because all of the little lines involved. Mine especially was difficult because I found the placement extremely painful (although I still believe part of it was the way my leg was positioned… lol). But all things considered, I think they came out great! We love our podcast so much, that we branded ourselves with it!

Some of you may recognize this. It’s the House Stark insignia from Game of Thrones, the direwolf. I am a huge fan of both the books and the series, and ever since I started thinking I wanted to tattoo, I wanted to do this. I finally did, and I think it came out amazing. I know it should be facing right, but I had to change that due to placement. I added some blood because I had to add some horror, right? I have seen this image in multiple ways, with different types of shading, or with no shading at all. I decided to go for bold lines and a steel grayish-blue color for the shading of the fur. I think it adds body and makes it interesting. It healed great, and I’m really happy with it. And of course, Winter is coming.