Lettering Tats

Lettering, script and fonts are some of the most challenging tattoos, especially smaller ones. They usually must be precise and have the correct line weight. I started out hating line work but have improved over my journey.

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This is my name tattooed on my husband’s leg. It was the first time I did lettering, and I was very happy with how it turned out. We did it in color so it stands out, and we chose blue because it is my favorite color. I think it’s a lovely tattoo because of the meaning it has for us, and the font he chose looks bold and pretty.

This was my first time tattooing myself, and this phrase was truncated because of the size. The original terminology was Ecstasy, Devotion, Eternity but it was just too long and I wanted the phrase to stand out with larger lettering. The date is my anniversary which has lasting meaning. I chose a script style font for it to have a fancy feel and is pretty. As far as tattooing, it was a weird sensation, as I wanted to continually pull the machine away as to not inflict pain on myself, lol. It wasn’t too painful a spot, though. I did have a few screw-ups in the one “E,” the “r” and the “t,” but on a whole I am proud of myself and think it came out great. The different colored date sets it apart to give contrast and to show the importance of both.